All in One

The All-in One Concept 

Village Sensation offers you the possibility to choose an All-in-One concept. Here we consult with the clients on what is best for them and take away all worries.

What does this concept entail?

  • Together with the client, we look into the possibilities of what is the best product for them.
  • It is a lease/rental concept, so customers can decide every year what they want in terms of numbers, type of plants, colours and shapes.
  • Placing of the products.
  • The maintenance. You must think of watering including the administration of nutrients and cleaning of the products.
  • The replacement of any damaged plants.
  • The collection of the products at the end of the season. (The plant waste is recycled wherever possible.)
  • Working safely.  Village Sensation ensures that the staff can work as safely as possible.