Sustainability is a very important concept in our business. As specialists, we aim to raise the bar to a higher level than the existing norms in the field of environment and society.

Environmentally friendly

Village Sensation is committed to sustainable and environmentally conscious cultivation of their products. We strive to minimize the use of pesticides and to mainly use nature friendly products for this.

Sustainable cultivation

Because our products are grown and used for several years, this brings many advantages, which are good and durable.

• No unnecessary damage to the plant.
• The plant does not have to be removed from the pot each time, but remains in the same pot.
• Time savings.
• Savings in costs of labour and environment.
• Better growth, whereby the volume of the crop is growing rapidly.


Because our products are not disposed of after 1 year, but are wintered and used again the following year, we have very little waste. The waste that we do have is composted and reused.