About us

What do we do?

Village Sensation is the specialist when it comes to improving the living environment in inner cities and town centres, shopping centres and outdoor spaces by means of an all-in-one concept. Due to its many years of experience, Village Sensation has developed a unique system that ensures you are able to enjoy a plant with exceptional qualities. 

The plant is grown in a single plant box 30-35 cm tall with a small trellis to which the plant is tied. The strength of the plant sees to it that the entire tower, measuring between 2.00 m and 2.50 m, ends up fully grown and in full bloom. And all this from a single plant box. With the added benefit that the plant is more resistant to diseases and other growth-inhibiting factors.

For whom?

Industrial estates, real estate, neighbourhood initiatives, offices, local authorities,
    amusement parks,


Village Sensation is synonymous with quality. From sprig to fully covered plant: not a single plant leaves the premises without having first passed stringent checks. This is also evident from Village Sensation’s references: the added value lies in the personal contact with customers, which serves to ensure high quality and good service. 

Working Method

Personal advice

Our representatives work with the customer to find the best solution.


All our products are grown in our own nursery.

Careful placement

The products are delivered by skilled staff, either to a central location or directly to the location where the customer wants them.

Proper care

We offer several maintenance levels and work with the customer to find what suits them and their products best.      

Reliable service

All our products are subject to warranty