About us

Who are we?

Over the years, the importance of plants and greenery has only increased and now enjoys exceedingly widespread support. Indeed, the fact that the world around us is becoming ever more hectic heightens the need for tranquillity and relaxation. Nowadays, we regard plants as an essential element in a healthy and pleasant environment in which to live and work.

Since 2007, Village Sensation has been the specialist in England when it comes to colourful summer plants and evergreen winter plants in pots on a lease basis. A wide array of local authorities, airports and city marketing bodies have already allowed themselves to be inspired by the vivid colours and the many uses of the products in a variety of settings. Whether you are looking to beautify, decorate or accentuate, Village Sensation’s products will never fail to catch the eye. Glorious flowers in colourful ranges add value to the contemporary streetscape. They kindle a positive atmosphere, not just for local residents but also for tourists (for instance), who will immediately feel welcome. What’s more, plants are environmentally friendly, helping to foster a healthy climate (amongst other benefits). Plants absorb lots of CO2 and even particulate matter.

What makes Village Sensation so unique?

  • Making things hassle-free for customers due to high-quality service
  • Everything done in-house, from growing to maintenance
  • Special, bespoke ‘all-in-one concept’
  • Wide range of flower boxes for both summer and winter
  • Customised work
  • Quality and service are our top priorities 
  • Roadside safety is paramount

How we see ourselves

Village Sensation aims to make a substantial contribution towards fostering a positive and innovative green living environment by being a partner to its customers and actively contributing to creating pleasant, liveable surroundings.

Village Sensation
Village Sensation
Village Sensation