Years of experience in the Netherlands have enabled Village Sensation to develop a unique system that ensures you can enjoy a plant with exceptional qualities. The plant is cultivated in a single planter between 30 and 35 cm tall with a small trellis to which the plant is tied. The plant’s vigour must ensure that the whole tower of between 2 and 2.5 metres blooms throughout, while growing from a single planter. In this way, the plant is more resistant to diseases and other growth and flowering deterrents.

The advantage of this system with its pyramids of stacked layers is that no dry or dehydrated spots in the pyramids can develop. This also simplifies maintenance, since the plant only has to be watered once a week, with about 30 litres of water. The plant is fed with slow-working fertilisers and water polymers that make sure that the water is optimally retained and only used by the plant.

A Village Sensation flower tower provides you with the possibility of giving your city centre or other location a beautiful appearance with minimal maintenance costs.

Benefits of our flower tower:

  • Time-saving
    less time spent on maintenance and watering
  • Flexible
    easy to relocate, versatile
  • Year-round
    combinations for both summer and winter
  • Anywhere
    at a diversity of locations and very stable (even if windy)
  • Handy
    large planters with a high water buffer
  • Instant
    delivered ready to use, no cultivation or extra growing 
    time necessary
  • Versatile
    formats for sales, rental and/or maintenance.

The All-in One Concept

Village Sensation offers you the possibility to choose an All-in-One concept. Here we consult with the clients on what is best for them and take away all worries.

What does this concept entail?

  • Together with the client, we look into the possibilities of what is the best product for them.
  • It is a lease/rental concept, so customers can decide every year what they want in terms of numbers, type of plants, colours and shapes.
  • Placing of the products.
  • The maintenance. You must think of watering including the administration of nutrients and cleaning of the products.
  • The replacement of any damaged plants.
  • The collection of the products at the end of the season. (The plant waste is recycled wherever possible.)
  • Working safely.  Village Sensation ensures that the staff can work as safely as possible.