About us


Sustainability is an important concept in our line of work. As a specialist, we want to raise the bar beyond the current social and environmental standards.

Environmentally friendly

At Village Sensation's nursery, the products are grown in the most sustainable way possible. Our aim is Cradle to Cradle application of the products used by our organisation. 

Own sustainable cultivation

Our products are grown and used for several years. There are plenty of benefits of this, which are good and sustainable:

  • We limit the use of materials wherever possible. For example, plants are not removed from the pot but spend their entire life in the same pot. 
  • This also prevents unnecessary damage to plants.
  • It also saves time, of course, enabling us to reduce labour costs and the costs to the environment.
  • Better growth, resulting in a rapid increase in plant volume.


As our products are not removed after a single year, but are stored and cared for in the winter and reused the next year, very little goes to waste. The waste that is generated is composted and recycled.


By encouraging bees, butterflies and other insects in urban areas, we can jointly contribute to getting populations back to a higher level. 
Special plants in our products attract bees, butterflies and other insects. The flowers provide extra food and encourage bee and butterfly populations. Plants can be added to our summer and winter products to enhance biodiversity

Did you know? In addition to stimulating biodiversity, our plants ensure the capture of particulate matter, the production of oxygen and cooling in the summer.